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 Our 2. Flyer

In the first days of December this flyer will also be available in print.

Our Promise                                    

Direct transfer of donations
No administration costs – all volunteers
We will keep you updated, documenting and supervising the use of donations.

For updates, you can reach the AG Uganda through:

Irene Jacobsen

Silke Lochas
+49 (0)30 440 85 07

Damaris Nimz
+49 (0)30 512 14 06

St. Peter’s Secondary School
Bombo-Kalule Uganda

Toil and achieve!

This is the main principle of 365 students, a majority of which are AIDS orphans, 14 teachers, and the founder of the school, Ronald Mulondo.

The kids know: „This is my chance for an education... a home…”

The Story

On February 7th, 2011 Ronald Mulondo began to develop his dream of a secondary school for orphaned children. His starting funds were 3 years of his income as a university dean, the awarded land from a national radio quiz contest, and self-made burned bricks. Today the school has 365 students, classrooms, 1 toilet and bath house, bedrooms, and a small kitchen. The first final exams for secondary schools were undertaken last Fall, with 35 of the 37 students passing.

In the spring of this year a transformer for electricity was installed and in the summer a new house with a bedroom and classroom was finished. At the end of May, a group of visitors from our church were able to take a survey of the work’s status, lead Workshops with the students, and get to know Mr. Mulando and his colleagues. All of this was funded over the years with private donations.

Our Goal

To see St. Peter’s as a self-sufficient, sustainable school within a few years, creating firm employment and education.

Our next projects:

  •        Construction of a typical water cistern on the roof
  •        Installation of a wood-saving oven to feed the students (50% saving of wood use)
  •        Completion of the wall around the compound
  •        Construction of additional bedrooms
  •       Cement-filled floors in all classrooms
  •        Exam fees for the yearly final examinations, paid in the spring (the deposit for state exams costs 27 euros per student and year)
  •        Textbooks, materials for the examinations

10 euro             One textbook
15 euro             Securing one student a month of lodging, food, and education
20 euro             4m2 corrugated sheet iron
40-50 euro        Per day for the provision of corn and beans for all students
120 euro           Monthly salary of one teacher
400 euro           A computer

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